Solar Power Direct have helped many home owners save on their electricity costs by installing solar panels on their home. Here we outline the savings made by one of our residential clients after installing a solar power system on their house.

Home Location: Lower Mitcham, Adelaide

Size of Solar System installed: 5kw: 20x Jinko 250w Polycrystalline Solar Panels & Aurora 5000TL Solar Inverter

Array: North

Estimated solar power output: 21 kilowatt hours per day

Feed in Tariff:16c (until Sep 2016) + Minimum retailer payment

Electricity bill prior to installation: Av $870 per quarter, Av 27kw per day

Why a 5kw Solar System was selected:

The customer wanted to reduce their electricity bill by installing a system that covered the majority of their daily power usage.

Electricity bill after installation: Av $460 per quarter, Av 35kw per day

Savings from Solar: $155 per month

Do you want to save with solar panels for your home too?

If you’d like to save on your electricity bill each month, consider installing a solar power system to create your own energy, reduce the reliance on fossil fuels and help make for a greener future.

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