Solar for New Homes

We can work together with your builder to install a Solar System on your new home

Solar Power Direct, installs solar systems for all South Australian homes, including a newly built homes and renovations.

As more and more people, are building new homes, everyone is realising that a solar system installation, is an important benefit for a new home to ensure all the creature comforts can be utilised when building your dream place to live.

Solar Power for new homes | Adelaide Solar Power

1. Accept Quote

The process is simple. We will prepare a quote for you based on your new house plan. We will even prepare a solar design so you know exactly where the panels and inverter will be installed.  Once you accept our quote we can begin our work!

2. Complete First Fix Solar Installation

We can work alongside your builder (with their permission), to complete the first fix solar installation. If we are unable to access to the property throughout the build, that’s ok too – we can complete the installation in full after handover.

3. Finish Installation

Once you notify us that your new home is nearly complete, we can arrange a time to complete the installation, this is either after or just before your handover date.

4. Reap the benefits of Solar!

When you move into your new home, you will reap the benefits from solar straight away!
Solar Panel System Adelaide - Solar Power Direct

When Solar Power Direct provides a quote for a solar system, we will always complete a site
inspection, but what happens with new builds you may ask?

We are able to provide you with a quote and more importantly a solar design for you remotely. We have all the tools required to make choosing solar an easy decision for you.

Here’s how to get a quote:

  • Provide Solar Power Direct, with your house plans (floor plans and elevations)
  • Contact Solar Power Direct on 7226 0560 to arrange for a quote to be prepared – it’s that simple!

Ready to get Solar?

For more information on a commercial solar power system for your business, call us on 08 7226 0560 or request a quote!