SA Product Registry

Solar Power Direct supports the Industry Advocate’s SA Product Register initiative through the supply and installation of solar products from our location in SA at 1/77 Welland Avenue, Welland.

Below you can find the large range of products we offer at Solar Power Direct, from Solar Panels, Solar Central Inverters, Micro Inverters, Monitoring and Batteries.

*Supply or Distribution means the supply and distribution of the product occurs within South Australia. Installation means the product is installed within South Australia.

Solar Panels

Jinko Solar Panels

Jinko Solar is one of the leading solar panel manufacturers worldwide. Their integrated solar products have an annual capacity of approximately 2.0 GW for silicon ingots, wafers, and solar PV cells.

Hanwha QCells Solar Panels

Q CELLS is one of the world’s leading solar companies offering a huge portfolio of photovoltaic (PV) products. They manufacture everything from solar cells and solar panels through to entire solar power plants.

Astronergy Crystalline Series

Astronergy’s state-of-the-art production lines produce solar cells from high quality silicon wafers and assemble these cells into solar modules of varying dimensions.

TALESUN TP 660P | 60 Cell Series

Zhongli Talesun Solar Co., is one of the world’s largest integrated PV manufacturers. It’s standard and high efficiency product offerings are amongst the most powerful and cost effective in the industry.


GCL is world-class manufacturer of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules. The P6/60 went through rigorous quality control to meet the absolute highest standard.

ET Solar

Since 2005, ET Solar has delivered leading smart solar energy solutions with proven success references from more than 1GW of installations around the world.

Solar Central Inverters

SMA Solar Inverters

SMA is a market leader for solar inverters, with cutting-edge efficiencies of 98% utilising new technology to ensure maximum solar yields.

Delta Solar Inverters

According to Delta, their solar inverter delivers the world’s highest power efficiency of up to 98.5%.

ABB Solar Inverters

ABB is one of the largest solar manufacturers in the world with a long history of providing leading edge, innovative solutions.

Fronius Solar Inverters

Fronius are a world leader in solar technology, one of Australia’s most popular and highly regarded solar inverter manufacturers.

Zever Solar Inverters

Zever Solar provide easy to use, reliable and affordable photovoltaic inverters by combining the flexibility of Chinese technology with German reliability.

Solar Micro Inverters

Enphase Solar Inverters

Built on the fifth-generation platform, the Enphase S270 Microinverter™ achieves the highest inverter efficiency for module-level power electronics for both 60-cell and high-powered 72-cell modules.

Solar Batteries


Intelligent, long-lasting and economical – the sonnenBatterie. The sonnenBatterie is a high-tech storage system that has proven itself in thousands of households – every day.

Delta Hybrid E5

The Hybrid E5 energy storage system consists of a single phase 5kW hybrid inverter, an external battery cabinet equipped with a high capacity 6 kWh Li-Ion battery, power meter and Smart Monitor.

Solar Micro Inverters


Emberpulse is an intelligent in-home system, compatible with all solar systems. Emberpulse monitors and advises you how to reduce your energy costs and earn more from your solar.

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