Antai Solar Railing

Antaisolar, is named by safety and reliable in Chinese meaning. With 13 years dedication to the design, manufacturing and sales of aluminum solar racking, we are always trying to provide the best” support” for you. Not only solar racking-the support for solar projects, but also make our team to be you support, including cost, quick response, R&D, QC, worldwide branch layout and branding.

Benefits of Antai/Neway Flat Roof Mounting System

  • Easy Installation
  • Diversified Application
  • High Accuracy
  • Engineered to highest standards
  • Maximum Lifespan
  • Guaranteed durability

Product Spec Sheets

Antai / Neway Solar Railing Spec Sheet

Antai / Neway Solar - Solar Railing Adelaide

Antai Warranty

Antai Warranty

Company Information

Antai Website

Ready to get Solar?

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