Suntech Solar Panels

Since 2001 Suntech has produced industry-leading solar modules for residential, commercial and utility applications. Suntech has delivered over 30 million panels or over 14 GWs of installed capacity in more than 80 countries. In Australia, from 2001 to 2017, Suntech shipped over 2.3 million high-quality PV modules.

Suntech’s high-efficiency products are independently verified with VDE certified Product Quality, Enhanced Hail, Salt Mist Corrosion, Extended wind loading and are PID Free.

Regarding the panels available to purchase, the unique cell design leads to reduced electrodes resistance and smaller current, thus enables higher fill factor. Meanwhile, it can reduce losses of mismatch and cell wear, and increase total reflection.

Product Spec Sheets

Suntech HIPro Series & 325-345wSpec Sheet
Suntech 300 Poly Spec Sheet
Suntech Superpoly 290, 295, 300 Spec Sheet
Suntech 330 Spec Sheet
Suntech Mono HIPro Series 325, 330, 335, 340, 345
345-370M Data Sheet

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Suntech Warranty

Suntech Warranty PDF

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