Hanwha Q CELLS Solar Panels

Q CELLS is one of the world’s leading solar companies offering a huge portfolio of photovoltaic (PV) products.

They manufacture everything from solar cells and solar panels through to entire solar power plants. Engineered in Europe, the company’s products are distributed globally providing Australia with top quality solar products.

By purchasing Q CELLS modules you’re investing in award-winning performance that will optimise your power generation year after year. This performance is underwritten by the reliability and safety that comes with world-leading production quality control and solar cell design of Europe’s largest PV producer.

And Q CELLS doesn’t just say all this; they prove it through independent third parties such as Photon Labs, Fraunhaufer Institute, VDE and the Desert Knowledge Centre Alice Springs.

Product Spec Sheets:

Q. PEAK DUO-G6+ Specs
Q. PEAK DUO G5+ Specs
Q. PLUS Specs
Q. MAXX Specs

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Hanwha Warranty

Hanwha Q CELLS offers the most reliable and safest solar modules on the market. This is backed up by an extended 10-year product warranty as well as a 25-year linear performance warranty.

We guarantee that the power of a new module decreases not more than 0.6 % per year and still achieves at least 83 % of the nominal power after 25 years.
Hanwha QCells Warranty

Company Information

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Awards & Performance

  • The Q.PRO-G2 235 was awarded Best Polycrystalline Solar Module 2013 by the Photon Laboratory – a field endurance test that included 151 Photovoltaic models from 119 manufacturers.
  • Q CELLS panels are consistently put under pressure in the most punishing climatic conditions around the world, including Alice Springs’ Desert Knowledge Centre* and James Cook University’s Cyclone Testing Station in Queensland.  Q CELLS are salt-proof, sun-proof and cyclone-proof and are designed to produce maximum power in the toughest Australian conditions.

*Live monitoring available at www.dkasolarcentre.com.au

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