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Solar panel systems in Adelaide, South Australia!

Top 10 South Australian Solar Retailer

Solar Power Direct are a top 10 Solar Retailer in SA, as recognised by SunWiz! 

If you’ve been thinking about installing solar panels for your home or business, you can rest easy knowing that Solar Power Direct has supplied solar panels for many Adelaide residents and business owners. We understand that choosing a solar panel system is a big decision.
Trying to decide which solar panels you need for your home or business can be tricky.

That’s why our team of Renewable Energy Consultants will arrange a time to discuss the solar panels options we have available and which product is best suited to your property.

Our team can assist you with the best panel placement and can provide you with a design of where the panels will be installed, so you know what to expect on the day of installation.

We specialise in providing high quality solar panels and inverters that will stand the test of time with premium warranty guarantees. If you have any specific questions, either about solar panels in general or a specific brand of solar panel, we are only a quick email or phone call away, simply call us on 08 7226 0560.

Solar Panels Adelaide - Solar Power Direct
Jinko Solar Panels - Solar Power System Adelaide

Jinko Solar Panels

Jinko Solar is one of the leading solar panel manufacturers worldwide. Their integrated solar products have an annual capacity of approximately 2.0 GW for silicon ingots, wafers, and solar PV cells.

Hanwha Solar Panels - Solar Power System Adelaide

Hanwha QCells Solar Panels

Q CELLS is one of the world’s leading solar companies offering a huge portfolio of photovoltaic (PV) products. They manufacture everything from solar cells and solar panels through to entire solar power plants.

Longi Solar Panels - Solar Power System Adelaide

Longi Solar Panels

Longi Solar is a Chinese company that is a tier one manufacturer of solar panels. They only produce monosilicon panels. Their panels come with a 10 year product warranty.

Risen Energy Solar Panels - Solar Power System Adelaide

Risen Solar Panels

Risen Energy is a leading, global tier 1 manufacturer of high-performance solar photovoltaic products and provider of total business solutions for residential, commercial and utility-scale power generation.

Suntech Panels - Solar Power System Adelaide


Since 2001 Suntech has produced industry-leading solar modules for residential, commercial and utility applications. In Australia, from 2001 to 2017, Suntech shipped over 2.3 million high-quality PV modules. Suntech’s focus is on the development and production of perfect solar modules.

LG Neon Solar Panels - Solar Power System Adelaide

LG Neon

LG panels, and especially the NeON range have specific technical advantages, which can result in better performance, and overall more electricity output by solar systems powered by our panels, compared with other standard panels.

Sunport Solar Panels - Solar Power System Adelaide

Sunport Solar Panels

Sunport is a world-class manufacturer with breakthrough on MWT technology.

ZN Shine Solar Panels - Solar Power System Adelaide

ZNSHINE Solar Panels

ZNSHINE Solar PV Modules are global top tier bankable panels for commercial, residential, and utility PV systems; applicable on all mounting structures including rooftop, ground-mounting.

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