Solar Power Batteries for Adelaide Properties

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Solar Power Direct are a top 10 Solar Retailer in SA, as recognised by SunWiz! 

Battery Storage Solutions!

Looking to store your solar energy and use it during peak times? We provide solar battery storage solutions for homes and businesses throughout Adelaide and South Australia.

The solar battery backup is linked to the power grid, meaning that energy costs are not only saved in that one property, but the benefits are also shared with the wider population, as transmission and distribution costs are reduced with each installation.

SA Home Battery Scheme

From October 2018, 40,000 South Australian households will have access to $100 million in State Government subsidies and $100 million in loans to pay for the installation of home battery systems.

The subsidy will be available to all South Australians, however Energy Concession Holders will be able to access a higher subsidy, ensuring low-income households are supported to access the Scheme.

Solar Battery Storage for Adelaide and South Australian Customers

We can help if you need a solar battery for your Adelaide property. Our expert team offers full installation of a range of models including the Tesla Powerwall, LG Chem and more. Get in touch with us for solar battery storage in Adelaide that will deliver an uninterrupted supply of power to your home or business at all times. We can also help with commercial solar systems and can answer any questions that you may have about solar rebates.

Tesla Power Wall - Solar Batteries Adelaide

Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall is a fully-integrated AC battery system for residential or light commercial use. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack provides energy storage for solar self-consumption, time-based control, and backup. Our experts offer full installation of the Tesla Powerwall model for Adelaide properties.

Delta Hybrid E5 - Solar Batteries Adelaide

Delta Hybrid E5

The Hybrid E5 energy storage system consists of a single phase 5kW hybrid inverter, an external battery cabinet equipped with a high capacity 6 kWh Li-Ion battery, power meter and Smart Monitor.

Sonnen - Solar Batteries Adelaide


Intelligent, long-lasting and economical – the sonnenBatterie. The sonnenBatterie is a high-tech storage system that has proven itself in thousands of households – every day.

LG Chem - Solar Batteries Adelaide

LG Chem

LG Electronics offers great high efficient solar panels, and our sister company LG Chem offers one of the best lithium ion solar home batteries. Change your energy. Charge your life.

Alpha-ESS - Solar Batteries Adelaide


The Alpha ESS Storion Eco series comprises a complete solar storage system, providing intelligent power storage that is eco-friendly, stable and resilient for every home, guaranteeing confidence and superior performance.

Fronius - Solar Batteries Adelaide


Fronius is the global leader in innovation and technology. The Fronius Symo GEN24 Plus, with power categories of between 6 and 10 kW, is the ideal hybrid inverter for private households. With many features as standard, the three-phase device covers all customer requirements.

Ready to get Solar?

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