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How do Solar Panels Work?

Simply put, solar panels work when the photovoltaic (PV) tiles on solar panels and other forms of solar energy convert the energy in sunlight into a clean form of electricity that can be used in our houses.

The PV cells consist of a positive and a negative slice of silicon placed under a thin slice of glass. As the protons of the sunlight beat down onto the PV cell, they knock the neutrons off the silicon.

The negatively charged free neutrons are attracted to the silicon but are trapped by the magnetic field that is formed from the opposing fields. Small wires on the silicon catch these neutrons and when connected in a circuit, an electric current is formed.

This reaction gives Direct Current electricity though, and it must be passed through an inverter to be converted into an Alternating Current used in our homes to power any electrical items. Some of the power is lost in this part of the process as the inverter is only around 95% efficient but this is a much greater efficiency than was once available.

The nature of the PV cell means there is little or no maintenance required and there are no moving parts; this means that a typical PV cell can last up to 40 years with no work besides an annual clean.

What is Solar Energy?

You’ve probably heard a lot about the renewable energy target lately. Renewable energy is energy or electricity that is created from sources such as the sun, wind and water.

Here we explain what solar energy is and how solar panels convert the sun’s rays into usable electricity.

Solar power (or solar energy) is electricity created from the sun through the use of a technology called photovoltaics.

Solar Panel Installation

Installing Solar Power for your home or business is incredibly simple when you choose Solar Power Direct. We have provided top quality systems for thousands of happy customers around Adelaide and South Australia!

We’ve explained the process in this step by step solar power system installation guide. The process shows just how easy it is to start saving money with your very Solar Panel System for your home.

What are photovoltaics?

Photovoltaic (PV) cells are solid-state semiconductor devices that convert light directly into electricity. They are usually made of silicon with traces of other elements and are first cousins to transistors, LEDs and other electronic devices.

Through the external circuit they give up their energy as useful work (turning motors, lighting lamps, etc.) and return to the solar cell. The PV process is completely solid state and self-contained. There are no moving parts and no materials are consumed or emitted.

How do Solar Inverters Work?

Solar inverters play a crucial role in a solar energy system and whether it’s a small residential system or a large scale commercial setup, an inverter’s job is to “invert” the direct current (DC) output into alternating current (AC).

AC is the standard used by all commercial appliances, which is why inverters are often seen as the “gateway” between the photovoltaic (PV) system and your solar energy.

What Sized Solar System

When selecting solar power for your home, it’s important to choose a solar system that is the correct size for your power usage. The number of appliances you use, the number of people in your house, and how often you are home are all factors that affect your energy usage, and in turn determine what size your solar panel system should be. This guide to choosing the right sized solar system will help you know what size you need.

Why choose Solar Power Direct?

Solar Power Direct is a proud South Australian company dedicated to providing you excellence in solar power products, planning and installation. Honesty, transparency and integrity are at the forefront of everything we do.

We use only the highest calibre solar technology with warranty conditions among the best in Adelaide.

All of our commercial solar panel systems are installed by highly qualified and accredited clean energy council electricians, ensuring quality every step of the way. From initial discussions, to installation and beyond, you can expect simply the best service on a solar system designed to suit your businesses needs.

Solar Panel Prices

We’ve outlined all of our solar panel prices so you can see exactly what a new solar power system will cost, based on the size of the system and your requirements. This will give you an indication of the cost of getting solar panels for your home and how much you can save. Be sure to also check out our solar panel price match guarantee!

Solar Rebates

Solar rebates are financial incentives to encourage the production and use of renewable energy, which is super important for all Australians. It reduces our reliance on fossil fuels and makes for a cleaner, sustainable future.

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